AMO’s 2019 report on the federal Gas Tax Fund

September 30, 2020

Each year, municipalities across Ontario use federal Gas Tax funds to support priority infrastructure projects. Municipalities report how they use this funding to AMO. We compile this information into an Annual Report.

In 2019, municipalities in Ontario received a record $1.6 billion in federal Gas Tax funds, thanks to a one-time doubling of the Fund. Municipalities used these funds to complete all kinds of different infrastructure projects that are important to their community.

  • Temagami ensured the continued supply of clean water by replacing and upgrading pumps in the backwash system at their water  treatment facility.
  • North Bay rehabilitated 4,500 feet of runway to meet their existing agreements with carriers.
  • Oshawa installed energy-efficient upgrades in two key municipal recreational facilities.
  • James constructed a breakwall to prevent flooding and property damage. 

These are only a few of the projects detailed in the report – in 2019 municipalities invested $784 million in over 1,400 projects! To find out more about these projects and the impact the Fund is having in your community, read our latest Annual Report here.

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