Bancroft Completes Reconstruction of Chemaushgon Road

February 11, 2021

The Town of Bancroft’s busiest road will require significantly less maintenance for the next 20 years following a major reconstruction.

Federal Gas Tax funding was invested in the project, which was carried out over a two-year period.

Chemaushgon Road was identified as beyond repair and was causing problems for the Town.

Major potholes were a regular concern and heavy traffic had created rutting of the surface.

Complaints about the road were common and frequent repairs were costly for the municipality.

The road now has an improved base and more resilient compacted asphalt surface.

Bancroft is confident the work will vastly reduce maintenance requirements and limit the associated traffic disruption.

Road safety has also been improved, and the number of complaints has fallen.

An image of Chemaushgon Road in Bancroft, Ontario.


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