Federal Gas Tax Transfer Announcement

June 02, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that the full 2020 federal Gas Tax Fund transfer will be released early as municipalities face financial pressures related to COVID-19.

The funding is usually delivered in two installments: one in July and one in November. The Prime Minister’s announcement means the full 2020 allocation is expected to be transferred from the federal government in June.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) administers the Fund to 443 municipalities in Ontario – that’s all of the province’s municipalities apart from the City of Toronto. Ontario’s share of the federal Gas Tax Fund this year is $816.5 million. The Fund provides $2.2 billion for municipalities across Canada.

The Fund provides predictable funding to all municipal governments on a per capita basis. AMO’s existing administrative systems will allow the funding to be transferred to municipal governments quickly and efficiently. Find your community’s share of this year’s federal Gas Tax funding here.

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