Replacement Water Tower For Marmora Village

April 29, 2021

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake invested federal Gas Tax funding in a new standpipe water tower.

A 35metre standpipe with an active tank mixing system has replaced the old 26metre tower, which was described as being in “very poor condition.”

The old standpipe’s roof was badly deteriorated, meaning there was a risk of water contamination as well as a danger it would collapse completely.

Also, some areas of the village had lower than desired water pressure due to the height of the old tower.

New water pumps were also installed to accommodate the larker tank height, and a watermain on Hayes Street was replaced with a larger pipe to improve the rate of flow.

Residents of the Marmora Village now enjoy better water supply pressure.

An aerial photo showing the new water tower in Marmora Village, Ontario


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