St. Marys refurbishes its historic town hall

August 16, 2019

Investing in local heritage infrastructure helps strengthen our communities by creating and preserving spaces that bring people together. The Town of St. Marys is home to many historic structures, including its Town Hall built in 1891. The Town Hall is the centrepiece of the community’s heritage buildings, which give St. Marys its unique look, help attract tourists and foster a sense of community and belonging.

The windows at Town Hall needed to be replaced as many date back to the building’s original construction – meaning that they were more than 125 years old! The Town replaced or refurbished all windows, making sure to preserve the building’s heritage look while also improving its energy efficiency. Improvements to Town Hall had a positive impact on 50 local businesses, many of which rely on the tourism. The work also helps to ensure that this historic structure can continue to serve the Town for generations to come.

St Marys Town Hall

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