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The federal Gas Tax Fund provides permanent and stable funding for local infrastructure

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AMO administers the Fund to 443 municipalities in Ontario.

Canadian municipalities receive over $2 billion from the federal Gas Tax Fund each year; Ontario's share is over $800 million. Funds are distributed to communities across the province on a per-capita basis.

Since its launch in 2005, municipalities receiving federal Gas Tax funds through AMO have invested nearly $6.2 billion from the Fund into about 8,800 local projects. Funds can be invested across 17 project categories to promote economic growth, strengthen communities, and improve the environment.


July 20, 2020 • Project Profiles
Urgent work to return the Stonecliffe helipad to full operation has been carried out thanks to support from the federal Gas Tax Fund. Due to overgrown vegetation in the area, the
July 09, 2020 • Project Profiles
The historic Elk Lake Museum is the community’s oldest structure – and its collection boasts items that really pack a punch. As well as items dating back to the fur trading and mining
June 02, 2020 • Blog
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that the full 2020 federal Gas Tax Fund transfer will be released early as municipalities face financial pressures related to COVID-19
May 20, 2020 • Blog
It is time again to recognize the innovative, exciting or impactful use of federal Gas Tax Funds in Ontario! Has your community financed a project with the federal Gas Tax Fund that is
September 26, 2019 • Blog
AMO staff joined municipal finance officers from across Ontario at MFOA’s 2019 Annual Conference last week. Discussions covered all that is current and critical in municipal finance –
September 13, 2019 • Blog
As announced at the 2019 AMO Conference, AMO will distribute over $12 million in additional federal Gas Tax funding this October. Find your community's share on our allocations page