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The federal Gas Tax Fund provides permanent and stable funding for local infrastructure

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AMO administers the Fund to 443 municipalities in Ontario.

Canadian municipalities receive over $2 billion from the federal Gas Tax Fund each year; Ontario's share is over $800 million. Funds are distributed to communities across the province on a per-capita basis.

Since its launch in 2005, municipalities receiving federal Gas Tax funds through AMO have invested nearly $7.0 billion from the Fund into about 9,750 local projects. Funds can be invested across 17 project categories to promote economic growth, strengthen communities, and improve the environment.


April 15, 2021 • Project Profiles
Shoreline protection on Lake Ontario in the Town of Grimsby has been eroding due to waves and high water levels. The municipality is investing federal Gas Tax funding in the
April 13, 2021 • Project Profiles
The Municipality of Powassan resurfaced more than 3 km of badly deteriorated roadway with support from the federal Gas Tax Fund. Spetz Avenue and Bridge Street in Powassan were dug up
April 08, 2021 • Project Profiles
The Township of Baldwin invested federal Gas Tax funding in a rehabilitation of its Snoopy’s Landing recreation site. Work included installation of a new and efficient water system
April 06, 2021 • Project Profiles
Queen Street in the City of Kitchener is looking more spectacular than ever thanks to support from the federal Gas Tax Fund. The City invested Gas Tax funding in the Queen Street
April 01, 2021 • Project Profiles
The City of Sault Ste. Marie is investing federal Gas Tax funding in a series of reconstruction projects on vital infrastructure. Included in the work, which is due to be completed in
March 31, 2021 • Blog
The Ontario government is extending its Asset Management Planning Regulation timelines by one year. The next deadline is July 2022, by which time municipalities must develop an Asset