Lifeline helipad restored to full service in Head, Clara and Maria

July 20, 2020

Urgent work to return the Stonecliffe helipad to full operation has been carried out thanks to support from the federal Gas Tax Fund.

Due to overgrown vegetation in the area, the potentially lifesaving landing zone in the United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria had been limited to daytime use only. And it faced the prospect of being closed completely when an inspection revealed that lights at the helipad were not properly secured.

The vital helipad is used by the Ontario not-for-profit air ambulance organization ORNGE and there was a requirement for the work to be carried out quickly.

The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria applied federal Gas Tax funds toward the project and the helipad is now available for use around the clock by the emergency services.

Helipad in the United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria


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