Mississauga takes innovative approach to stormwater management

September 03, 2019

Heavy rainfall and other severe weather events could occur more frequently with climate change. Many municipalities are adapting to this new normal by improving local stormwater infrastructure.

As recommended in its Flood Evaluation Study, the City of Mississauga built a new stormwater management facility (SWMF) beneath Eastgate Park to protect homes, businesses and other property from flood damage. The facility is designed to reduce the risk of flooding from a local river without impacting the park above. The SWMF is the largest of its kind in Ontario and has enough room to store five Olympic-sized swimming pools full of water, helping to reduce downstream water flow and protect against the erosion of local creeks during major storms.

Mississauga’s investment in the stormwater facility helps ensure that the City is ready to weather major storms while allowing residents to continue to enjoy Eastgate Park. Watch the construction unfold and learn more about the technology involved in the City’s video below.

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