Spot the signs to find projects in your community

September 05, 2019

Have you run across signs like these in your travels across town?

You’ve probably already discovered projects in and around your neighbourhood using our map – and if you haven’t, take a moment to check it out! But you can spot projects supported by the federal Gas Tax Fund while exploring your community on foot too. Just look for these signs!

The federal Gas Tax Fund funnels over $800 million into Ontario’s local infrastructure each year – but our communities collectively invest more than $10 billion annually. These colourful signs are posted wherever projects receive significant federal funding – whether from the Fund, or from other federal infrastructure programs.

Logos across the top of the sign identify which levels of government are contributing to the project. The amount stated on the sign specifies the total cost of the project.

Not all infrastructure projects supported by the Fund will have a sign; the Government of Canada takes a common-sense approach to minimize administrative overhead. See Infrastructure Canada’s signage page for more information – and check out our map to find federal Gas Tax investments near you without leaving the comfort of home.

Photos of signs at projects sites across Ontario

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