Municipal Reporting Requirements

Information Sharing

To facilitate communications planning, municipalities are required to load new Gas Tax projects into the online reporting module once identified in your approved municipal budget. This can be done by March 31st, at the same time as you are doing last year’s reporting.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is due by March 31 each year and municipalities can submit this through the secure section of the AMO website. For the 2016 reporting year only, municipalities will have until May 31 to report. Read our Guide to the Reporting Module to learn how to accurately complete annual reporting.

Audit Reports

Municipal audits are not required under the federal Gas Tax Fund under a new risk based approach. Instead, there is a random audit of at least 10% of municipalities on an annual basis to ensure compliance. Those selected will be notified by March 31.

Municipalities will have to outline the policies and procedures that are in place within the organization to ensure compliance with the Agreement. Also, Treasurers will be the Gas Tax Contact for every municipality, no exception, to ensure that risk is reduced.

AMO had developed a series of questions on financial policies and standard operating procedures. Sample policies and standard operating procedures are provided within the Gas Tax Community section of the Reporting Tool.

Outcomes Reporting

Municipalities are required to report on project outcomes and project outputs. The focus of the program has been expanded to look at broader community benefits and the benefits of long-term predictable funding.

Measurements and indicators have been developed by the Oversight Committee in consultation with municipalities. Where possible, measurements have reflected existing information already collected or readily available to municipalities. This information will be collected through the online reporting module.